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When you need commercial mobile locksmith service, it is important to find a reliable partner who knows what they are doing. This is especially important for businesses because the locksmith needs to be able to get the job done quickly without cutting corners. Spokane Valley Guard Mobile Locksmith is a trustworthy company that can handle your locksmith needs.

Commercial Lockouts: If you get locked out of your business, our commercial locksmiths can help. They will get you back inside without any damage. They are experts at extracting broken keys, and duplicate key so they won’t have to drill the lock. We can also replace keys on the spot.

Master Key Systems: We are experts in setting up restricted access systems for businesses in Spokane Valley. This includes re-keying locks and electronic access control systems as an economical alternative to changing locks when employees leave or security needs increase.

Lock Repair, Installation, and Upgrades: We can fix or replace most types of locks. This includes deadbolt, knob, lock replacement, and lever locks with keypads (that have many user codes) and keycard locks (including magnetic stripe, smart card, RFID, or other proximity cards). We also have experts who can help you select the best high-security locks for your needs and then install and fix them if there are any problems.

Commercial Safe Opening: We also offer safe unlocking services for businesses. No matter what type of safe you have, we can unlock it for you. This includes older models and the most advanced safes.

Spokane Commercial Locksmith Services

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